This Weeks Lessons

Week 8 May 25-30


Children are going to learn about capacity. Here is another Brainpop Jr video that will help to start an understanding, The units of measurement is not important in grade one just using math words such as “holds more” or “holds less”

Username: bishopfeild
Password: bmwd3796

If you have students Math workbooks collected you can complete pages 96-97

Comparing Capacities Activity

Here is a video on an activity you can try at home!

Materials:different size and shapes of containers, a container marked with an X, sand or flour or macaroni etc.

Show children the container X and fill it with sand. Ask: “Which of the other containers will hold all of this sand?

Point to each container and have children predict which container will hold more, less, or about the same.

Math writing: Pictures, Numbers and words.

Honey Bee had 8 scoops of dog food in her bowl. Her friend Miles had 12 scoops of dog food in his bowl. How many more scoops did Miles have then Honey Bee?


We are continuing with Blends;_ylt=AwrJ7KLfsctemiUAMxPrFAx.;_ylu=X3oDMTB0N2Noc21lBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNwaXZz?p=tr+blends&fr2=piv-web&fr=mcafee&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly9jYS5zZWFyY2gueWFob28uY29tL3NlYXJjaD9mcj1tY2FmZWUmdHlwZT1FMjExQ0ExMjc0RzAmcD10citibGVuZHM&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAGvKsSnde9GwCA_S8RU34sUu21d1VgJxlEWG0IbawGApxtk3m7A9JluycOQ7D-uyzYKGgJVVQ-60g_y1NkaCvq0K0EndKGAOHw7zsmp4vz6ZWnutr94Gqql-8XTHJgegr3Hwgco1CpPNyRyfdHUPPcFxzMCvdzewDUSVEdYXMjmi&_guc_consent_skip=1590407680#id=1&vid=69ed083ab8ab3b6544aaed00cda63cff&action=view

Make a list of words with the Tr- sounds in it. Trucking along sound I would call it in class. Train, triangle, tractor etc

Then have them put a word in a sentence.

Read Aloud & Writing Activity

The Bug Hotel By Beverly Scudamore published by Scholastic books as part of our Literacy Place program.

Writing Activity: Do you think of insects as “earth’s pests” or “nature’s guest”? Write about it? Start with…

I think insects are_______________ because…….

Don’t forget to illustrate your writing with a beautiful picture. Remember to always include a background in your pictures.

Week 7 May 19


Measurement: Comparing by Covering. Curriculum focus here is to compare the areas of objects by covering.

Which surface is greater.

A kitchen table top of school desk top?

Vocabulary we should be using: Greater than, less than, larger, and smaller.

Here is a quick Brain Pop Jr Video on Area…the kids love these.  Now a lot of the concepts in this video are beyond the grade one curriculum but it will help them understand what area means.

Brainpop Area Video

Our Brain Pop Jr login information is (I encourage kids to engage in many videos on here)

Username: bishopfeild
Password: bmwd3796

Let’s ask our friends why would we need to measure for Area? Buying a new table cloth, curtains for windows, sheets for a bed etc)

If you were able to collect you belongings at school I will assign page 93-94…you may have to improvise and as some of the objects won’t be in your home.

Please continue with Zorbits as I have the measurement planet open now. This planet is called Aqua Aqua.  I strongly encourage this.

Here is a printable that kids can create an Area robot.  If you don’t have a printer you can just take paper and make lines on it using a ruler so that it transforms into grid paper.  This kids love this activity.  They can then answer the questions at the bottom of the activity.


Math Writing: Pictures, Numbers and Words

Matthew measured his table top with index cards.  He used 18 cards to cover his table.  Sam measured his desk using 9 index cards.  How many more index cards did Matthew have to use for his table top?


This time of year I would be continuing with Blends…..I make up silly things to help the students remember their blends…for example…

ch-is our chugga chugga choo choo sound

tw-is our twirling sound…make sure you throw in a ballet twirl! tw tw twirling around

sk-is our skating along sound sk sk skating along

tr-is our trucking along sound…pretend to steer a wheel tr tr trucking along.

dr-drumming sound…playing the pretend drums….drrrrrrum drrrrrrum drrrrrrummmming

sh-shhhhhhh shhhhhh our quiet sound…only if this worked lol!!!

Here is a chart

Blends CHart

Ok so to start blends we are going to start with ‘Sh’ words….Students can make a list of at least 5 sh words…they can find as many as they can if interested.  Then they can create a sentence using one of their Shhhh words. If they struggle to create their own sentence you can dictate a sentence for them to write.  Remind them…when in doubt sound it out!

Video 1 Listen to the story:

Video 2: Activity following the story

Week 6 (OH MY!) May11-May 16



We are talking about the difference between standard and nonstandard units of measurement. Students can measure a parent or sibling using a standard unit of measurement and a non-standard unit of measure.  Make an estimate first.  Then measure.  Maybe you choose lego blocks, macaroni pieces or crayons!

Race Car Challenge: Have a toy vehicle race…label 4 dinkies or toy vehicles (if you have them) A, B, C, D.  Set up a homemade ramp.  Maybe just use a piece of cardboard anchored off the couch.  Have a race to see which car rolled the farthest. How did they know it went the farthest? Have them order the 4 dinkies A, B, C, D in order from longest to shortest.

Playdoh or Modelling clay…Snakes Alive

Children can make snakes of different lengths

Have children compare and order their partner’s snakes

Ask children to explain how they decided to order the snakes.

play doh recipe

Math Writing (show me in pictures, numbers and words)

Jacob’s scissors are 7cm long. Mindy’s scissors are 2cm shorter then Jacob’s.  How long are Mindy’s scissors?

I have also added some new measurement games to our math games links

Printable  if you have access to a printer




New Reading Strategy

In reading we try to work on reading strategies to help improve reading accuracy and fluency.  Here is a new reading strategy to work on when reading with your child today.  I will assign a book for everyone to read on Epic books.


Free Writing today.  Have the students write about whatever they want today.  Maybe it was their weekend and what they did for Mother’s Day.  Maybe they want to do some creative writing and write a story about a silly character like Mr Bunwiggles.

Secret Mission:

Video #1

Video #2

Week 5 May 4-May 8


This week we will start measurment.  In grade one we have varying outcomes to cover for measurement but a lot is focused on using math language such as shorter then, about as long as, and longer than.

Activity: Students can go on a Math hunt around thier house.  Make a list of objects that you can find that are as long as your unsharpened pencil. What things can you come up with?

I am attaching some other fun activties you can try at home to help compare objects. Legos are also great for working with measurement. Have fun with it!


Math Writing Activity  Don’t forget pictures numbers and words

If Melvin’s tail is 11 blocks long and Skippyjons is 3 blocks long who has the longer tail? How much longer is the longest tail?

Here is a quick activity!

Longer and Shorter


Let us talk about persuasive writing!!! In a persuasive letter we try our best to convince someone to do something.  Let’s try and convinve Ms Howard to buy us a class pet.

We will do some Mother’s Day activities and stories on Wednesday!

Week 4 April 27-May 1


Continue to practice addition and subtraction of numbers to 20. You can write out problems or print off our printable. There are also games under the math games tab that students can play here and of course our favorite Zorbits.

This weeks lesson will focus on creating and Solving story problems.  We call this ‘math writing’ in class.  Students are always reminded they have to include 3 things…Pictures (usually pictures help them to solve the problem. Like in Subtraction they would cross off the pictures to show take away.  I have included an example.


This is taken for our school workbook.


Have students create their own story problems.  They love this!!! They can make them and you can solve them together.  Keep them simple and use numbers to 20.  The pictures really help them to solve the problem.


Read “Eat Healthly Foods!” By Katie Marisco Illustrated by Jeff Bane…found on Epic Books.

Draw a picture of what a healthy dinner plate looks like….full of a full well balanced meal.  Label the things that you put on you dinner plate!!! Yummmm….Skippyjon put healthy tacos on his!!!!


Jack Hardman’s Questions

Create an interview using the 5 Wh- Questions! Have someone in your house answer the questions.  You can even email them to Ms Howard for her to answer them!


Who do you like to play with?

Where do you like to go in the summer?

What time do you go to bed?

What is your favorite food?

Why do you need to eat healthy?

Week  3  April 20th

This week is Earth week so we will be doing some activities with a focus on that.


This week we are going to look at Fact Families…did you know that addition and subtraction are in the same family. Here is an example,

Now can you put these facts in the same family???

1.(7, 9, 16) ,

2.(3, 4, 7),

3 (6, 8, 14),

4. (2, 4, 6)

Here is a fact family video to watch

Fact Families

Math Writing

Be sure to use pictures, numbers and words in your writing!

Zoe went outside to clean up the garbage in her backyard.  She picked up 6 plastic bags and 7 potato chip bags. YUCK! How much garbage did she pick up altogether?


In a journal or on a blank piece of paper let write about Easter…We can start our writing with Over Easter I…… lets make sure we sound out our words before we ask for help.  When in doubt sound it out.

Printables…. you can print these if you have access to a printer if not you can copy the ideas onto blank paper you have at home!

EarthDayDistanceLearning 28EarthDayDistanceLearning 15

EarthDayDistanceLearning 28

EarthDayDistanceLearning 15

Read Aloud:

10 things I can do to help my world. By: Melanie Walsh published by: Candlewick Press

Week 2 March 23

Wednesday’s Read Aloud!

What kind of habits to you have?!? Make a list!!!! Don’t forget to draw some beautiful pictures to go with it.

Math- Brainstorm a list of things that come in 5s such as fingers on one hand, toes on one foot, petals on a flower.  Student’s can create a “counting by 5s” picture where they show 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 objects.  Then count everyone in your families hands and feet by 5s.

Math writing-Children can do this on paper for their ‘math writing’.  They know we need three things for math writing.  Just ask them first! (Pictures, Numbers and Words)

Problem: Ms Rainbows made 8 rainbow unicorn cookies.  Her family ate 5 cookies for desert.  How many cookies are left?

Literacy-1. Raz kids

2. Listen to a story on Storyline Online the write and illustrate your favorite part.

3. Write 5 sight words in a sentence (under sight words tab on webpage)

Week 1-March 18

Math-Please work on skip counting. That is counting by 2s, 5s and 10s.

Students can use manipulative such as LEGO blocks or macaroni to help enhance their learning.

Literacy-Raz kids 10 mins

Journal Entry:

When the snow melts I will…..

Have a Brainstorm if ideas….. list them down so they can see them. Have them write up three sentences and illustrate their ideas. Remember…when in doubt sound it out. You can help with their spelling once they have tried it independently. Make sure their illustration matches their words and that they draw a background. Remind them people don’t float in mid-air.

This Video Mysteriously disappeared somewhere along the way! Here it is again…”The Pencil”