This Weeks Lessons

Week 2 March 23

Math- Brainstorm a list of things that come in 5s such as fingers on one hand, toes on one foot, petals on a flower.  Student’s can create a “counting by 5s” picture where they show 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 objects.  Then count everyone in your families hands and feet by 5s.

Math writing-Children can do this on paper for their ‘math writing’.  They know we need three things for math writing.  Just ask them first! (Pictures, Numbers and Words)

Problem: Ms Rainbows made 8 rainbow unicorn cookies.  Her family ate 5 cookies for desert.  How many cookies are left?

Literacy-1. Raz kids

2. Listen to a story on Storyline Online the write and illustrate your favorite part.

3. Write 5 sight words in a sentence (under sight words tab on webpage)


Week 1-March 18

Math-Please work on skip counting. That is counting by 2s, 5s and 10s.

Students can use manipulative such as LEGO blocks or macaroni to help enhance their learning.


Literacy-Raz kids 10 mins

Journal Entry:

When the snow melts I will…..

Have a Brainstorm if ideas….. list them down so they can see them. Have them write up three sentences and illustrate their ideas. Remember…when in doubt sound it out. You can help with their spelling once they have tried it independently. Make sure their illustration matches their words and that they draw a background. Remind them people don’t float in mid-air.