Skippyjon had our day planned with a camp fire, math games, story telling and of course marshmallows and munchies.

‘The Tooth Fairy Meets El Raton Perez’ written by; Rene Colato Lainez

Creative writing….What does the Tooth Fairy do with all those teeth?

Thanks to Sarah Kinsella at Mount Pearl Dental for teaching us about Dental Hygiene.

Our Art Smarts musical theatre is off to a wonderful start!

Happy Cinco De Mayo Skippyjon Jones

Plastic Bag Grab Challenge

Planting seeds with the Amazing Autism society .

Using fasteners to make puppets!

100cm Ozobot-Dash. Skip Counting, Measurement and Coding made awesome.

Measuring Distance with paper airplanes. grade 1 is flying!!!

That Tricky Leprechaun made a mess of our classroom, put poor Skippjon in a trap, threw starburst everywhere!!! And left us Cakepops!!!

Testing Materials. We ❤️ Science!

Education week

Happy 100th day of School

Happy Groundhog Day.

Learning about the Crescent Moon which is a Symbol of Islamic Religion.

STEM afternoon

Mr. Manuyama-Stoker leading the class today.

Learning about the Inquiry Process.

learning about Horizontal and vertical lines Ali g with primary colours.

Science: How materials change. Using our 5 senses!

A Beautiful Performance

Hot Chocolate and a movie!

Our Trip to the Fluvarium

Procedural Writing: Making Homemade Ice Cream….just add a little sugar, cream, vanilla and roll with salt and ice…and VOILA!!!!  Don’t forget the Sprinkles….

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Hour Of Code using Kodable

Bye bye Sweet Fatima. Reach for the stars!


Show and Share


Writer of the Week

We Remember

The Beautiful Botanical Gardens

Happy Halloween


Skippyjon and Humphrey dressed up for Halloween!!!

Our first Writer of the Week

We have so much fun learning in grade 1!

Our Haunted HouseS . Oil pastels and Water paint.

Let’s Talk Science.

Learning all about the Seasons at the Fluvarium.

So very much to be thankful for!

Terry fox walk.

Learning to Code

Our first Show and Share!

Building a Pattern Fruit loop necklace!!

Role Playing Communication…giving directions, buying an apple, ordering from a restaurant.

A wonderful presentation by Mr Walsh.  Tattling Vs. Telling


“Elmer” By: David McKee We are all unique and we can show this with our patterned Elmer.

“Only One You” By Kinda Kranz

first art