Skippjon Jones’ Morning Message

Really SNOW!!!!

*tune into Your secret mission under “This Weeks Lessons”

Have a magical day my friends!!!







Skippyjon is suited up for Thursday Jersey day

Day 2 spirt Week

Day 1 Spirit Week

A message from our friend.

Welcome Back my friends!

Have a wonderful Easter Break. Stay home and enjoy your family time! (An extended version)

The attack of the bunnies. Poor Skippyjon and Humphrey!!!!

I don’t know what Skippyjon thinks of Princess our fish. Hmmmm

Skippyjon is doing laundry with Humphrey this morning. Happy April Fools my friends.

Trying to teach Honey Bee that Skippyjon & Humphrey are our real friends and not a toy.

Don’t forget that Y makes the E sound at the end of a word.

Be aware Skippyjon often leaves out Capital Letters and makes spelling mistakes! Today he even forgot finger spacing.